About Us

Ndlovu Jewellery is a 100% Proudly South African owned company that designs and produces exclusive, one time jewellery pieces. The jewellery pieces are infused with a variety of precious and semi-precious stones, including diamonds. More recently, we have embarked on a collaborating with South African bead makers to create uBuhlalo beSintu (African beaded jewellery) that incorporates precious stones within a colorful bead creation; such as earrings, neckpieces and bracelets. 

We use white, yellow and rose gold. Our gold purity ranges from 18 karat gold and higher (based on the clients requirements), we also use platinum and palladium.

Our designs bring together a variety of semi-precious and precious stones such as Sapphire, Emerald, Rubies, Tanzanite and GIA certified excellent diamonds. 

Our ‘ONE-TIME PIECES’ are of international quality standard and our designs are inspired by art and events that happen around the world; we have created a range that is inspired by the elephant and rhino poaching. Ndlovu Jewellery supports the preservation and protection of elephants and rhino’s and will continually create awareness against the poaching of these precious species.

Ndlovu Jewellery displays the diversity and beauty of different African and Western cultures. We believe in collaboration – therefore the relationship with the African bead makers allows us to diversify our designs as well support SMME jewelers.

Ndlovu Jewellery
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