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“Ndlovu, Gatsheni, Boya benyathi, abusonga busombuluka, Mpongo KaZingelwayo, nina bakwa Khumbul’amagwala, Nina bakwaDemazene Ntombazana, Nibakwas’hlanga Sihle, Mthiyane, Ngikuthi yamadoda emazibukweni, Nina bakwaMdubusi.”

This is the clan name of Nqobizizwe Ndlovu the founder of Ndlovu Jewellery

Ndlovu is a clan name meaning” Elephant” it is the 970th most frequent used last name worldwide. It is mostly commonly used in South Africa as a Zulu clan name as well as the Chewe tribe who are located in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

Ndlovu Jewellery is a 100% subsidiary of N Ndlovu and Associates that started designing and manufacturing high-end Jewellery in 2018. Our team is made of dynamic black South Africans who master the process of designing and manufacturing of high end Jewellery masterpieces.

Our Bespoke Pieces are all hand made and are of international quality standards, available in 9ct, 18ct or higher purity (if so required by the client). We use precious metals to produce our Jewellery such as gold, platinum, rhodium and palladium and incorporate precious gemstones like diamonds, rubbies, sapphires, emaralds and tazinites that all come with certificates and are sourced from (conflict Free countries).

Ndlovu Jewellery
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